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1977 Westsail 32 Cutter - 32' Boat $58,900

Pensacola, Florida


Brand: Westsail Category: Sailboats Right-arrow Cruiser Sailboats
Model: 32 Cutter Boat name: Star Chief
Year: 1977 Price: $58,900

Quality Evident on all boats that have spent some time at sea is the ?beef-up job? their owners have done on them. Every point of weakness that was inherent on the boat when new has been replaced, parched, strengthened. How much better is the cruising sailboat that was overbuilt to begin with! Some sailors are fortunate enough to have acquired one of these rare Westsails.Losing a mast, a deck parting from the hull, or dislodging a corner post on a rapid downhill trip across the cabin are accidents that won?t happen to a Westsail, captained by a novice or experienced sailor. The past decades have proven the Westsails to be a competent cruising boat in every respect. In fact, considering the design has probably accumulated more collective miles under its keels than any in history - all with virtually no major structural problem- well, those old myths are the only thing we see that could possibly keep the naysayers going. As for the rest of us, maybe it's finally time to torch a few old bridges and start judging the fine cruisers on their own merits. Westsail 32's produced about 400 vessels. Boat for boat a stock 32 is not going to beat any 40 foot racer-cruiser we know of on any point of sail. ..Never mind that the Westsail likely has a larger, nicer interior; can carry more, is more comfortable to live aboard at anchor and during passages; will last longer; will be more forgiving of owner neglect and mistakes; has a better chance of surviving groundings and other mishaps; and quite likely will hold its value better. -as qouted by Latitude 38.The purist is the person who brings information and courage to more casual sailors so they too are able to make their dreams come true. As you make for home, nothing makes you appreciate life more than time at sea; alone or with family. A full keel also goes aground well, whether by accident or deliberately for maintenance work. The ?Star Cheif? provides excellent cabin space below, a necessity for one?s sanity on long voyages. When this beam is carried fairly far forward and aft, yet not so far that performance is hindered, interior space is maximized.Then there is the question of what type of stern.. It is not their beauty alone that draws, either. Bluewater sailors have discovered that the double ended hull handles a following sea on the stern creating a much easier motion than that of a racer / cruiser . And Westsailors miss the obvious slapping that occurs at harbor or in anchorages from water banging against those with transom sterns.
Brokers remarks: Star Chief is a fine example of a well traveled vessel with knowledgeable owner and has passed massive nautical miles on her belly. Westsails are Purebred Cruisers. The best way to describe the design features that make them world voyagers is to show why sailors buy them, that is, the long range plans a sailor has in mind for a Westsail. If you recognize your own future somewhere in this write-up, give some serious consideration to the most carefully designed, ruggedly constructed, and beautifully finished cruising sailboats available in today's used boat market. This is a perfect example of lazy dazz! See full specs for complete pictures and information.

Hull type: Fiberglass Length: 32
Engine manufacturer: Perkins Fuel capacity: 80
Beam: 11

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Brian Hill Tree
132 South
Pensacola, Florida 32501
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